6 Ways to Prevent Holiday Travel from Being a Pain in the Neck (or Back) from a Wilmington Chiropractor

6 Ways to Prevent Holiday Travel from Being a Pain in the Neck (or Back) from a Wilmington Chiropractor

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6 Ways to Prevent Holiday Travel from Being a Pain in the Neck (or Back)

For many of us, this time of year means traveling near and far to see loved ones. But long rides in cars and airplanes can be a pain in the neck, and we mean that literally!

King Chiropractic sees a lot of back and neck pain this time of year, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Spare your spine this holiday season by taking a little extra care while traveling. Simple accommodations can mean a lot less pain during and after your holiday travels, so be kind to your back and follow our travel tips.

Good Posture Means Easy Travel
One of the best protections against back pain is also one of the easiest: Good posture. Remember to sit up straight and keep your feet on the ground at a 90-degree angle to reduce pressure on your back and keep your spine aligned. An odd angle can be tiring and cause you back pain later.

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Stretch All Over
Keep your blood flowing by getting up and stretching while traveling. If you’re driving, stop for a few minutes at a rest stop. If flying, take a short walk down the aisle. Warm up your arms and legs to keep muscles limber and keep back pain from flaring up.

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Go Easy on the Luggage
Lifting heavy bags in and out of the car can cause muscle strain, and carrying and pulling them through the airport is hard on your back too. Pack lightweight layers and not too much clothing. Check your bags if you have a connecting flight. Twisting around to lug baggage through the airport, then lifting it into the overhead compartment on the plane, is a recipe for a sore back later.

Good Shoes Are Your Back’s Best Friend
Especially when flying, choose good, supportive footwear. There is always a good hike through the airport, and comfortable shoes while traveling mean much less discomfort later.

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You Snooze, You Win
Bring a small pillow with you on the plane, a larger one in the car. Getting comfortable and getting some rest reduces stress and fatigue that contribute to back and neck pain. Even if you don’t sleep, the rest will relax and rejuvenate you so you feel better when you arrive.

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Warm Up to Reduce Back Pain
Heat therapy feels good and is a great treatment for mild back pain. If you try heat before things go too far, you can often head off a more serious bout of back or neck pain.

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King Chiropractic is a great conservative treatment option for your back and neck pain. Safe, effective chiropractic care helps many people who have put too much stress on their back and neck during holiday travel.

If you’ve added a little more stress and discomfort to your routine than your body is ready to handle, call King Chiropractic in Wilmington today at (910) 777-7228. We can help with acute and chronic back and neck pain and get you back on the road to good health in time to enjoy your holiday events.

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