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Chiropractor Wilmington NC Rhett King Patient Testimonials

"Dr. King has been the most thorough and exceptional chiropractor I have worked with. After working with several other practitioners, I am quite happy that I gave him an opportunity to be my chiropractor. I have seen more results in one month with Dr. King than I received from my last chiropractor that I saw M/W/F every week for over 4 years! His techniques, determination, and personable style make each visit a pleasure. Dr. King is the best breed of chiropractors and anyone who is in need of one should make sure to give him a call!"

- Alex

"After nearly 20 years of various types of chiropractic adjustments, I am totally sold on the methods utilized by Active Release Technique, which Dr. King uses. It is a “gentler approach” than traditional table-drop snap-and-pop techniques, that seems to employ more assisted stretching through range of motion. Not only is it more comfortable to experience, but you are less sore the next day and the results seem longer lasting. Dr. King is also very personable with a good bedside manner, and “unchiropractor-like” in the sense that he is not trying to “sell you” on a package deal. His rates are also reasonable, and I would highly recommend him to anyone – but especially those with chronic muscolo-skeletal injuries."

- Alice M.

"I have been to several Chiropractors and was skeptical to try it out again. I am amazed at how much I have learned from Dr. King during my 12 week treatment program. Every visit is different and efficient from myofascial technique and physical adjustments."

- Deanna K.

"Dr. King is amazing. I have been using his services for over a year now and he has seen me through 1 full marathon and 2 half marathons. I am a personal trainer and workout a lot and I have pounded that pavement and destroyed by body with all this running and yet he has been able to keeping me going. He listens to what I have to say and keeps me informed and gives me great advice along with wonderful chiropractic care. I would refer all of my clients, friends, and family to him. Thx Dr. King."

- M. Tumolo

"I like to call Dr. King my miracle worker. I’ve been playing sports and running for years and have always been plagued by one injury or another. I always seemed to be in recovery mode. This last time I felt severe pain in my IT band while running the Quintiles 1/2 marathon this spring. I figured I’d do the same thing I’d always done and use rest, ice, heat, stretching, anti-inflammatories, and lots of walking. I thought I’d be back in no time to train for the Marine Corps Marathon this fall. But, this time my same thing plan didn’t work. After 4 months of pain, my couch finally sent me to Dr. King. I told him what hurt every time I tried to start running.

Dr. King used ART on my leg and I remember being amazed at how much range of motion I had. I didn’t realize how tight and constricted my muscles and connective tissue had become. So I went to Dr. King twice a week and had him work through each area I felt was tight. After the first week, I started jogging slowly with my running group. After the second week, I was running happily with my group. After the third, I was back running full speed and all of the pain was gone, including lingering old injury pain. I cannot thank Dr. King enough for helping me get back on my marathon training plan so quickly. As much pain as I was in, I really do consider it a miracle that I feel so good."

- R. Bulla

"My experience with Dr. King has been great. I went from being in almost constant pain and tension in my lower back to being able to surf and golf again. I had personally gotten frustrated with the lack of attention and concern from other Dr.s, Dr. King actually listened to my concerns and issues i was having day in and day out. He even gave me the tools and information to help myself with overcoming my lower back issues outside of his office. I never felt like just another client to pass though."

- Lucas H.

"This doctor cares like none other I’ve seen. He not only listens, but takes action based on what you said and his assessment of what’s going on with your body. He gives do-able advice and won’t treat you beyond what is necessary for results. He will refer you out if need be, but so far, I haven’t needed any one else. The A.R.T. therapy is great for soft tissue work, and it’s good to see that chiropractic medicine has grown to helping aching extremeties, not just backs! I would recommend this doctor highly!"

- Charles K.

"From my first visit with Dr. King I could tell his approach and technique was different from EVERY other Doctor I’ve seen. He was kind, professional, honest, knowledgeable, and most importantly he was the first one that knew what was wrong."

- Sarah C.

"I was referred to Dr. King for neck pain that was persistent even with years of chiropractic care. Dr King approached the situation with a different technique that helped release the adhesions within the muscles that continued to pull the spine out of alignment."

- Elaine H.

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