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Do you have shoulder pain in Wilmington? The shoulder complex is the most mobile joint in the body and as a result, is subject to a wide range of injuries and conditions. The causes of shoulder pain are endless, but some of the most common reasons for pain in the shoulder include, neck and upper back problems, arthritis in the shoulder complex, abnormal motor patterns causing aberrant motion, participation in athletic events, and automobile accidents. Our Wilmington chiropractic clinic can help.

Due to the wide range of causative factors, shoulder pain or abnormal motion in the joint may develop gradually or come on suddenly. Since the shoulder joint is used in the vast majority of activities that we engage in daily, any injury to the area should be taken seriously and treated appropriately. Even the most minor injuries should be treated early to help prevent it worsening.

Some symptoms of a shoulder injury or condition are more pronounced than others. Therefore, all symptoms involving the shoulder should be monitored carefully. Symptoms indicating the need for an immediate evaluation of the shoulder complex include; shoulder pain that lasts for more than a week, shoulder pain that goes away and then returns frequently, difficulty raising your arm above your head, trouble or pain when carrying objects, pain in the shoulder joint that becomes more pronounced in the evening, any obvious signs of damage to the joint such as bruising or swelling, or an unusual snapping or clicking sensation in the joint during movement.

As is true with most conditions, the most effective treatment is dependent on the exact cause of the problem. Therefore, obtaining an accurate diagnosis is a crucial step in the evaluation process. King Chiropractic Hand & Foot is fully equipped and trained on the various techniques for diagnosing the cause of shoulder pain. Our Wilmington chiropractors will utilize the clinical information provided from your history, advanced imaging techniques, and orthopedic procedures to determine the exact cause of your shoulder pain. The correct diagnosis will then be used to develop an individualized treatment plan.

Shoulder Pain in Wilmington

The most appropriate treatment for your shoulder pain is often dependent on its cause. Fortunately, chiropractic care has been shown to be effective for most shoulder conditions. Our chiropractors at King Chiropractic Hand & Foot will begin with an evaluation of the spine, concentrating on the neck region. The neck and upper back are the areas that all of the muscles and structures that control the shoulder joint originate from. If the communication between the nerves and the structures that they control is interfered with due to spinal misalignments, a cascade of problems can begin. In addition to the structures these nerves control, research has shown that many cases of shoulder pain are actually due to referred pain from the neck region.

If the shoulder pain persists following the correction of spinal misalignments, our doctors at King Chiropractic Hand & Foot are trained and have the experience necessary to provide adjustments to the shoulder complex. Additional manual and passive therapies are often utilized at our office in conjunction with the chiropractic care to help ensure a fast recovery.

Causes of Shoulder Pain
Every sport has its common injuries, such as shoulder issues in swimmers and elbow problems in tennis players. Usually, shoulder pain is the result of overuse or over training. Muscle and tendon strain/sprains due to overuse are the most common injury we see in most people. Typically, overuse is caused by repetitive motions such as those experienced at work or while participating in regular throwing sports or other activities that involve overhead movements.

Chiropractic Treatment for Shoulder Pain
If an injury is acute (fresh injury) the first thing to do is control the inflammation. We do this in our office with gentle soft tissue work to help move out excess fluid and decrease pain quickly. Ice is also a good idea following treatment to help control inflammation. Over-the-counter pain relievers may be another option in addition if pain is not easily controlled. Once pain and inflammation subside (usually 24-72 hours), work can begin to help correct the injury so that it heals properly. Our office uses the latest techniques including: Cross fiber massage or myofascial release techniques such as A.R.T. These techniques typically produce rapid results when combined with chiropractic care. Patients also receive at home exercises and stretches to help them form new habits

An exam can help the physician to determine if you are a candidate for natural chiropractic treatment

Avoid Shoulder Surgery
Shoulder pain is the pits, but surgery should really only be considered as a last resort for the following reasons:

  • Lengthy recovery
  • Extensive rehab (If you elect not to do this you will probably not regain the full use of your shoulder)
  • You have to sleep upright with your arm in a sling
  • Hygiene is an issue (anyone who has every broken a limb knows about this)
  • Surgery may not fix the problem
  • High chance for re-injury

In any event, whether the pain is originating from the spine or is actually caused by damage to the shoulder joint, chiropractic care can provide a non-invasive and effective treatment option for the condition. Contact King Chiropractic Hand & Foot in Wilmington today to see if you can benefit from chiropractic care.

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