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Rhett King D.C.

Dr. Rhett King got his start in chiropractic after a severe lower back injury in high school. “I was in extreme pain, having trouble walking, getting out of bed and even had to quit any and all sports because a wrong move could put me down for weeks at a time. My parents made an appointment for me to see a chiropractor. Over time, I was completely out of pain and eventually regained full motor function and confidence in my lower back. I was so impressed with chiropractic that I decided that I would become one myself.”

Dr. King is a Wilmington native and loves being out and about in the Wilmington area with his wife Lauren and children Barrett and Morgan. He also enjoys all manner of water activities, especially diving and spearfishing as well as martial arts and powerlifting.

Here are a few of Dr. King’s accomplishments:

  • UNCW class of 2003
  • Life University class of 2007
  • Wilmington's Best Chiropractor of 2014
  • Apprenticed in two major clinics in Atlanta before moving back to Wilmington, NC to start his own practice.

Dr. King has tremendous passion for helping his patients maximize their potential as well as providing an excellent overall experience.

“I especially love seeing patients who are new to chiropractic. This gives us the best chance to make an awesome first impression and really blow their socks off. There is a transformation that people undergo during chiropractic treatment that you can see and feel. I can’t imagine doing anything else. Taking care of people is my passion.”

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