Knee Issues in Wilmington

Knee Issues in Wilmington NC

Causes of Knee Pain

Knee pain is a very common complaint and many different causes. Common diagnoses may include: arthritis, ligament injury or tear, meniscus injury, patellar tendonitis, patellofemoral pain syndrome and bursitis. All of these conditions involve pain in one or both knees and can be the result of trauma, overuse or longstanding wear and tear.

In many cases, knee pain is related to foot posture. Since your feet are your foundation and how you interact with gravity, it makes sense that if your feet fail to hold you up properly as you walk or run, your knees will suffer the consequences. Excessive foot pronation (arch flattening) is most often cited as being associated with lower limb injury. Other causes can be related to excessive overuse and scar tissue which can decrease performance and result in recruitment of other areas to compensate.

Chiropractic Treatment of Knee Pain
Early treatment may include NSAIDs, exercises and stretches, however, pain or reductions in performance for more than a few days can be due to abnormal mechanics which causes associated muscles and tissues to become overworked and damaged. This leads to repetitive injury, making successful resolution without invasive procedures more difficult, unless treated effectively.

Natural chiropractic treatment may include extremity joint manipulation, active release soft tissue therapy and/or custom orthotics.

The right custom-made orthotics can also address the underlying cause of your knee dysfunction. In addition, aggressive treatment using active release technique can help to break up scar tissue adhesions that limit range of motion and decrease function. In most situations, abnormal joint positions can be reversed allowing normal joint function to be restored.

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