Radiating Pain in Wilmington

Radiating Pain in Wilmington NC

Determine the Source of Radiating Pain

Radiating pain is a common concern typically caused by irritation to nerves somewhere along their route. The location of radiating pain can be a clue as to the source. Symptoms like numbness or burning can be a symptom related to peripheral nerve entrapment, whereas radiating pain into the arms or legs can be a sign of a neck or lower back issues.

Non-Surgical Chiropractic Treatment for Radiating Pain
Many common back and neck disorders cause pain to radiate into the arms and legs, which explains why most physicians include an examination of these areas before making a diagnosis. The overwhelming majority of radiating pain is a result of mechanical issues and can be treated naturally with chiropractic care; however, in rare conditions radiating pain can be a sign of something more serious requiring referral for further studies and/or treatment.

Non-surgical chiropractor treatments that can bring lasting relief may include spinal manipulation, active release soft tissue therapy or custom orthotics along with proper exercise.

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