Calf Pain in Wilmington

Calf Pain in Wilmington NC

Calf Pain Causes

Wilmington is loaded with runners and athletes of all types. Calf pain is something that most athletes are familiar with, however, when a particular problem seems to outweigh others it can be a sign that a muscle or structure in the leg is damaged and needs special attention. For many people, calf pain can be the result of weakened and scarred muscle or fascia that eventually leads to changes in gait. These gait changes interfere with the normal mechanics of the activity and can result in a reduction in performance. The problem may not come out until you reach a certain mileage, incline or during specific activities.

Treating Calf Pain with Chiropractic Care
An exam can help the physician to determine if you are a candidate for natural chiropractic treatment or whether you would be better served by visiting an orthopedist or other provider.

Early treatment may include NSAIDs, exercises and stretches, however, pain or reductions in performance for more than a few days can be due to abnormal mechanics which causes associated muscles and tissues to become overworked and damaged. This leads to repetitive injury, making successful resolution without invasive procedures more difficult, if not treated effectively.

Natural chiropractic treatments at King Chiropractic Hand & Foot in Wilmington may include joint manipulation, active release technique or fascial abrasion soft tissue therapy, custom orthotics, new shoes, taping, coaching or all of the above. If you have an event coming up and have noticed that you are cramping early, having unequal pain in an extremity or are noticing your form changing, this could be an early sign of an issue. Getting these problems fixed early can assure your event goes smoothly.

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