Gait Abnormalities in Wilmington

Gait Abnormalities in Wilmington NC

Understanding Gait Abnormalities

Abnormalities in gait can have a variety of causes; however, many of them are structurally related to muscle and spinal performance. When the spine functions abnormally, for instance, it can cause changes or compensation that begins to change muscle habits. For an athlete this can mean pain experienced at longer mileage or abnormalities with performance or energy conservation.

Once these new movements become engrained it can be difficult to change them back to their ideal motion. For example, if you want to play baseball yet never received a lesson on how to swing the bat, you can learn bad habits that can affect how well you swing the bat later and can be difficult to unlearn. However, if discovered early, the spine, joints and muscles can be retrained and performance gains and symptom resolution are the result.

Treating Gait Abnormalities with Chiropractic Care
Non-surgical treatment may include lower spinal or extremity joint manipulation, active release soft tissue therapy or custom orthotics along with proper sport coaching and exercise. Chiropractic treatment can provide both short-term and long-term benefits by not only providing relief from the symptoms but also correcting these abnormalities in gait.

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