Best Father’s Day Gifts for Lifters From a Wilmington Chiropractor

Best Father’s Day Gifts for Lifters From a Wilmington Chiropractor

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Best Father’s Day Gifts for Lifters
When your dad is a lifter, choosing a Father’s Day gift is a piece of cake (although you may not want to give him a piece of cake and crush his gains!). You know he wants to get stronger, recover faster, and maybe even look lean and chiseled. All you have to do is find a present to help him with those goals. And just in time, here are some of our best ideas for gifts for your weightlifting Dad:

1. Gym Membership is a Great Father’s Day Gift
Dad may already belong to a gym, but membership isn’t cheap. The rewards of going to a gym for a workout are so much sweeter when the kids have paid for it. I have memberships to Wilmington Weightlifting Club and Gold’s Gym.

2. Great Water Bottles Are a Welcome Gift
Toss the plastic bottles and get Dad some nice ones! Plastics can leach into your water, so get some stainless steel-lined water bottles in various sizes, insulated and not, and let Dad pick his favorites.

3. Shake Up a Shake
Make it easier for your father to build his post-workout protein shakes with a good shaker bottle or small blender like the NutriBullet.

Add some protein to that package with a jar of yummy peanut butter (peanuts only, please!). Dads love trial sizes of protein powders, with different combinations of casein and whey protein and flavors they may not have tried.

4. Get Dad Going with Coffee
For that morning start-up, a pound of fresh coffee smells great—and he’ll actually use it! Sniff around for a real treat for Father’s Day.

5. Take These Gifts to the Gym
Does Dad look a little raggedy on his way to work out? Maybe some new gym wear is in order. Throw these items in a brand-new gym bag for a welcome Father’s Day gift for your lifter dad. A lightweight towel is a great addition.

6. Lift Better with These Gifts

  • Wrist straps are a welcome boost for every lifter, providing support and comfort.
  • Adjustable dumbbells allow Dad to change weights as he gets stronger. You can’t have too many dumbbell sets.
  • Jump ropes are a simple warm-up tool that has stood the test of time. Great for classic Dads!
  • A full-length mirror isn’t just for narcissists. This allows your Dad to watch his moves for correct form while lifting.

7. A Gift Certificate for King Chiropractic
Just in case Dad overdoes it, or if you want to to help him improve his performance, give him a gift certificate to King Chiropractic for Father’s Day. We help athletes like your dad improve performance and get relief from injuries every day. Call King Chiropractic in Wilmington today at (910) 777-7228 to book an appointment or get a gift certificate for your lifter dad.

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