Best Running Spots in Wilmington, NC from a Wilmington Chiropractor

Best Running Spots in Wilmington

Which Is Best Strength Training Vs. Running in Wilmington NC

Best Running Spots in Wilmington, NC

Running is great exercise, both aerobic and weight-bearing. And you get a lot of exercise at once! But you need to keep your program fresh to stay motivated. Tired of the same old loop? Try these locations for a change and a fitness boost—they are some of the best running tarils in Wilmington, NC.

Carolina Beach State Park
Carolina Beach State Park has several trails to choose from, or mix and match; the longest is 3 miles. Run or walk through maritime forest, up and down dunes, and along the Cape Fear River.

Fort Fisher State Recreation Area
There’s a 1-mile trail through the marsh, and you can also hike or run on the 5 miles of coastline. You will find a half-mile trail at the nearby N.C. Aquarium at Fort Fisher too, part of the East Coast Greenway.

The Loop at Wrightsville Beach
Show off your stuff—go running at the Loop at Wrightsville Beach, a 2 ½ mile trail through the center of town and over Banks Channel. It’s one of the favored running spots in Wilmington for a reason.

The Beaches and the Riverwalk

cape fear riverwalk in Wilmington NC

At any time of day or night, visitors can enjoy a jog on our beaches or a stroll along Wilmington’s award-winning 1.75 mile-long Riverwalk.

The Ev-Henwood Nature Preserve at UNCW offers two trails for exercise and education. Try out the Blutenthal Wildflower Preserve too for your cold-weather fitness regime. The preserves are free and open to the public and are some of the best running spots in Wilmington.

Cross City Trail

You’ll find part of Wilmington’s Cross City Trail nearby no matter what part of town you live in. A northern stretch runs along Eastwood Road and behind Autumn Hall and UNCW. It continues down Randall Parkway, over Independence Boulevard and up 17th Street.

Halyburton Park
This wide paved walking and biking trail in Wilmington’s Halyburton Park is cross-cut with scenic sand paths through the woods. It’s used by bicyclists as well, so keep to the side to avoid collisions.

Greenfield Lake Park
Run or walk the scenic, shady asphalt trail around the park. This is one of the most natural sites in Wilmington, home to wildlife, native trees, and lot of azaleas. The circuit around the park is a 4-mile loop.

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