Do These Simple Things Today To Be Happier Today and Tomorrow from a Wilmington Chiropractor

Do These Simple Things Today To Be Happier Today and Tomorrow from a Wilmington Chiropractor

How Being Grateful Can Improve Your Health in Wilmington NC

Do These Simple Things Today To Be Happier Today and Tomorrow

It’s easy to be happy when the stars align and everything’s going your way. But we often become unsatisfied and disgruntled over troubles large and small.

You can choose to become a happier person, and YOU are the one who benefits. Once you make the decision to become happier, small changes in your life make a big difference.

At King Chiropractic in Wilmington, NC we believe in the power of happiness! The following ideas have been shown scientifically to improve your outlook and make you a happier and healthier person. Don’t believe me, then simply try them and see for yourself!

1. Go outside.
Our natural selves can get forgotten in our busy everyday lives. But step outside into a green space and our spirits start to lift. A little bit of sun (15 minutes a day) gives us plenty of Vitamin D—low levels are linked to depression. And green spaces spur the parts of our brains that control happiness and positivity. If you work indoors, try eating your lunch al fresco.

2. Take care of yourself.
Burning the candle at both ends, fast food, fast life—it’s hard to remember to take pleasure in daily life when it’s zooming past you. But taking nice care of yourself reaps immediate rewards. Get enough sleep, even if you have to give up an evening out sometimes. Cook a delicious, nutritious meal. Get daily exercise into your schedule—yoga or a walk in the park are perfect.

3. Take up a new hobby.
TV is not a hobby. But the rewards of learning a new hobby are many: mental stimulation, feelings of accomplishment, and expertise. So take flying lessons, dust off that old guitar, or get outside and dig in the dirt. Here are some fun and healthy activities you can try.

4. Meditate.
There are tons of places in Wilmington, NC to learn to quiet your mind and just be. The practice of meditation reaps many health benefits and has been shown to make you happier in eight weeks. Twenty minutes a day of meditation is enough—that’s less time than your daily commute, or even a long shower!

5. Feel gratitude.
Try keeping a gratitude journal to remind you to count your blessings every day. Studies show that gratitude is linked to happiness and good health, too. Remember to be grateful for things that don’t seem obvious: Stubbing your toe reminds you to slow down. Have cabin fever? Remember to be grateful for the roof over your head.

6. Rock out.
Listen to music with the intention of becoming happier, and it really may work. Of course you’ll want to select your playlist or radio station carefully. Think Pharrell Williams, not Rachmaninoff.

7. Give back.
Giving gifts to others—especially the gift of time—has the counterintuitive effect of making us happier. It really IS better to give than to receive, as far as happiness is concerned. So do some volunteer work (there are all kinds) or spend time with a friend or family member. Call your grandma, or buy a card for your dad and write a little note inside.

8. Reduce stress.
Stress causes all kinds of health problems such as anxiety, depression, and sleep problems. And it interferes with being happy. To keep your mood elevated, try exercise or deep breathing, and work to alter the source of your stress, if possible.

9. Prioritize.
What if this was your last month to live? Or your last year? What would you do differently? It pays to think over the priorities in your life and make sure they’re not being pushed aside in the hubbub of everyday life.

10. Plan something fun.
Getting there is half the fun, so be sure to schedule something to look forward to. Whether it’s a movie this weekend, trying out a new restaurant, or a road trip later in the fall, having a fun outing planned is like money in the bank. It’s a nugget of happiness waiting for you.

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