How Being Grateful Can Improve Your Health from a Wilmington Chiropractor

How Being Grateful Can Improve Your Health from a Wilmington Chiropractor

How Being Grateful Can Improve Your Health in Wilmington NC

How Being Grateful Can Improve Your Health

Thanksgiving is a reminder that we all should count our blessings. As we stop to consider what we’re thankful for this holiday season, think about incorporating gratitude into your year-round daily routine. It’s a practice that benefits your physical health as well as your mental outlook.

Gratitude Helps Us Feel Better
There’s been a lot of scientific research recently about gratitude. We’re finding that the practice of being grateful

  • reduces stress,
  • improves sleep, and
  • increases optimism.

A recent study asked subjects to keep a daily journal. One group recorded daily difficulties; another recorded things they were thankful for; and a third group noted neutral events. The group cataloging their gratitude was the overall winner. These subjects had higher energy, better sleep, and a more positive, optimistic attitude. They exercised more and had fewer physical complaints, too.

For Better Health, Be Grateful
Studies have looked at how individuals cope during times of stress. People who cultivate love and gratitude were…

  • more resilient and
  • less likely to become depressed during difficult times.

High stress is hard on your body and leads to health problems, including heart disease, obesity, skin problems, and gastrointestinal troubles. But research shows that gratitude and other positive emotions can lower levels of stress hormones such as cortisol. Lowering stress means better overall health—and you’ll be happier, too.

Practice Gratitude for Best Results
If you need help remembering to be grateful, there are lots of ways to add gratitude to your daily routine. Practice gratitude like you’d practice any other new activity, and soon it will become a habit.

Try these ideas to add gratitude to your life:

  • Keep a journal and record 5 things each day that you’re grateful for. You might feel grateful that someone gave you a ride to work, or for your luck in finding your spouse, or for seeing a scenic view.
  • Add in gratitude for things that don’t seem obviously good. For instance, if your lottery ticket loses again, you can still be grateful that you had the income to buy a luxury item and that your life will be OK even if you’re not a millionaire.
  • Share your list with family members. They may want to join in.
  • Thank one person each day for their help, friendship, or just for being there.
  • Watch for people doing good things and let them know you noticed.
  • Volunteer your time and reflect on your own good fortune.
  • When you feel yourself becoming impatient with someone, try to practice compassion and put yourself in their place.
  • Practice random acts of kindness.

At King Chiropractic, we’re grateful for all of our clients; for the ability to help people; and for the daily practice of doing our job in the best way we can. We hope you have a great Thanksgiving holiday and that you can bring some gratitude into your own lives.

Remember we’re here to help you feel your best, so if you have any back trouble or pain, give King Chiropractic in Wilmington a call at (910) 777-7228. We’re here to help you improve your performance and live a full, healthy life.

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