How to Break Through A Training Plateau from a Wilmington Chiropractor?

How to Break Through A Training Plateau from a Wilmington Chiropractor?

How to Break Through A Training Plateau in Wilmington NC

How to Break Through A Training Plateau

We all hate to plateau! It seems like all your work is for nothing when you’re not getting any stronger. Then it’s easy to shrug your shoulders and let your program slip. Why bother going to the gym when you don’t get results, right?

Don’t give in! You really can break through a plateau and start building muscle again. Here are some tips to help you break right through that plateau.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
Training goals are hard to meet when you don’t really have any. Without concrete goals for definite time periods, it’s hard to tell if you even ARE in a plateau. Set some goals:

  • Set goals for the day, the week, the month, and the year.
  • Write your goals down—and write down what it will take to achieve them.
  • Keep solid records of your workouts and evaluate each session. Did you meet your goals for the day? The week? Meeting daily goals is how we ultimately meet the annual goals.

No Progress? Change It Up
There are two reasons why change is essential in your workout:

  • Doing the same old routine is boring and you lose enthusiasm.
  • Your muscles get used to the program and aren’t challenged.

So change it up to beat that plateau. Try at least one of these changes every week:

  • Change your workout time of day
  • Change the focus: Move chest work from Mondays to Wednesdays, for example
  • Mix up the order of your exercises
  • Change sets and reps (but keep the total)

Get Up and Move
Even if you love your gym, try a new one from time to time. Try a new class for a few weeks, or work out in the back yard. Experiments can really pay off: You may find something you love.

Get Some Help to Break Through That Plateau
Whether it’s a personal trainer, a friend, or someone you’ve seen at the gym, enlist an ally to get some help. Someone on the outside can give you pointers and advice, motivate you to try harder, and just give you a fresh outlook on the work you’re doing.

King Chiropractic Can Help with Plateaus, Too
When you find yourself in a plateau, call King Chiropractic at (910) 777-7228. Chiropractic care can help you “tune up” your body for maximum performance in several ways:

  • Heal more quickly from injury
  • Improve coordination
  • Increase stability and range of motion
  • Reduce inflammation

King Chiropractic in Wilmington can help you get back on your program and moving forward so you can break through that plateau

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