How to Gain Mobility in Your Hip Flexors from a Wilmington Chiropractor

How to Gain Mobility in Your Hip Flexors from a Wilmington Chiropractor

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How to Gain Mobility in Your Hip Flexors

The above video by Dr. Rhett King of King Chiropractic in Wilmington NC demonstrates 3 stretches/movements you can do in just minutes a day to improve hip flexor mobility.
Tips to mobilize the hip flexors. This is important to: runners, weight lifters, anyone who sits at a desk multiple hours a day,

Hip flexors get short and tight from prolonged sitting can cause back pain.

These exercises 1-2 minutes per side. You’ll want to work your way up to 2 minutes.

Practice this consistently for improved hip flexor mobility and decreased back pain.

Movement 1: Couch Stretch
Can be uncomfortable (but this is what you want)

  • Begin on all fours with a wall behind you. Start with the top of your feet up against the wall and tuck your knee all the way in the corner
    If you are not very flexible, this position may be enough to get the stretch you need
  • For a deeper stretch, you can use a chair or stool to support yourself so you sit more upright
  • Squeeze the buttock for the leg that is stretching so that it drives the hip forward
  • Hold starting position 30 seconds to one minute and then try to push yourself up from the chair or stool to further drive the hips closer to the wall.
  • Do not overextend the spine, just drive the hips back to get more stretch in your hip/quad.
    If you’re very flexible, post yourself up on your opposite leg keeping your shin vertical.
  • Use your opposite leg to push yourself more upright
    *use yoga pad or mat if this stretch bothers your knees

Movement 2 (Time: 2:51)

  • Drop to one knee with opposite leg out in front in an obtuse angle to the ground
  • The Knee on the ground should be vertical from your hip
  • Drop your pelvis forward toward the floor
  • The key is not to bend your back forward but dropping your pelvis for the stretch
  • You will feel a stretch in your hip flexor
  • To open up the hip, drop to one arm with pelvis moving toward the floor and slowly push out the leg outward with the palm of your hand

Movement 3 (Time: 4:00)

  • Using the Monster Band (can purchase from Rogue Fitness or sporting good store)
  • Pull the band under the buttox of one leg
  • Get in the same position as “Movement 2” by dropping the leg with the band and putting your opposite leg in front and holding

As long as you’re in the right position, the band will do most of the work
Try each of these stretches every day for 1-2 minutes a day to improve hip flexor mobility.

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