Overuse Injuries in Wilmington

Overuse Injuries in Wilmington NC

Causes and Complications with Overuse Injuries

Overuse injury is a broadly used term that covers areas of the body that have been overworked causing chronic or acute pain and inflammation. These injuries are typically caused by repetitive activity such as swinging a bat, running, keyboard use, etc.

Early treatment may include rest, NSAIDs, exercises and stretches, however, pain or reductions in performance for more than a few days can be a sign of abnormal mechanics which causes associated muscles and tissues to become overworked and damaged. This leads to repetitive injury, making successful resolution without invasive procedures more difficult, unless treated effectively.

Chiropractic Treatment for Overuse Injuries
In situations where pain is chronic and the above mentioned solutions no longer help, it is necessary to find the underlying cause. Usually, the cause is excessive scar tissue that has built up over time. As a result, the injured muscle continuously gets damaged resulting in further scarring, weakness and finally, re-injury.

Non-surgical chiropractic treatments that can break this cycle may include spinal or extremity joint manipulation, active release soft tissue therapy or custom orthotics. These chiropractic therapies used in conjunction with proper sport coaching and exercise can reverse the cycle and have you feeling like your old self again.

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