Running Coaches: Why You Need Them & Who To Use from a Wilmington Chiropractor

Running Coaches: Why You Need Them & Who To Use from a Wilmington Chiropractor

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Why You Need a Running Coach

Getting a running coach sounds a lot like getting a life coach. It’s just sort of something you do. Why would you ever need coaching on how to do it? It’s too close to who we are almost. You run, I run, we all run, at least when we have to.

That’s all true but anything worth doing is worth doing right. And everything about running will be more right with some coaching.

With running, you’re everything. There isn’t a bike to break down, a ball to be mis-shot/hit/thrown, or another piece of equipment to use. It’s just you, your body, your mind, your will power, and the path.

This is a double-edged sword. If you have the proper knowledge, the proper form, and the proper nutrition, you can achieve just about whatever you set your mind to. But slack off, or don’t meet the challenge head on, and your body will feel it. It will let you know exactly what you can and can’t do.

A good running coach bring a lot to the table. They can:

  • Create a program for you that addresses your goals while keeping training fresh and fun
  • Help to improve your running through base-building, speedwork, and tapering
  • Help to improve your endurance and speed
  • Show you the proper way to train to minimize injury
  • Provide motivation and encouragement
    Keep you on a schedule to progress and meet your goals
  • Provide opportunities to meet other like-minded runners
  • Help you with proper race preparation
  • Teach you the physiology behind running to better understand how to eat, hydrate, and train

Running Coaches I Recommend in Wilmington, NC
There are many good running coaches in the area. I have three that I personally prefer. I haven’t tried every running coach and any absence on this list shouldn’t be taken as a sign that they’re not also a great running coach. These are the folks I know and trust to help on all topics related to running.

Without Limits

If you’re looking for a running coach, this is the place to start. Without Limits offers personal coaching and group runs for beginners all the way up to elite triathletes.

Brian Boher

One of the personal coaches at Without Limits, Brian is the man. Great at helping you with your problem areas and a killer motivator.

Maleia Tumolo

Maleia will tune up your running game and your nutrition. A serious athlete who can help runners of all skill levels.

Sarah Barbee

Great for folks who are looking to lose weight and look good naked.

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