Speed Your Workout Recovery with These Tips From a Wilmington Chiropractor

Speed Your Workout Recovery with These Tips From a Wilmington Chiropractor

How to Break Through A Training Plateau in Wilmington NC

Speed Your Workout Recovery with These Tips

You’re working hard in the gym, but are you building muscle and burning fat the way you want? If you’re not getting the results you want from your workout, the answer could be not in your program, but in your recovery.

What Your Muscles Need After a Workout
Your workout is tough, and when you’re finished, there’s not much left. That’s because a good workout breaks down muscle. As you push, your muscles use up available glycogen that drives muscles function. Your muscles turn to fat stores for energy to rebuild muscle.

But unless glycogen is replenished quickly, your body may turn to muscle itself to refuel. Your post-workout recovery is the time when you can really build muscle—or lose it. Gain muscle by restoring nutrients quickly after your workout. Try these tips to speed your workout recovery:

1. Timing is Everything in Workout Recovery
It’s critical that you refuel muscles within 30 minutes to an hour. This time, called the anabolic window, is the period when your muscles are most able to take up nutrients, replenish glycogen, and restore protein balance. Your muscles, starved for fuel, must be fed quickly.

2. Post-Workout Is Carb Time
Carbohydrates are the nutrient you need to quickly restore glycogen to muscles. Replenishing glycogen releases insulin to help build and repair protein—your muscles. At this time, simple sugars are best for a fast workout recovery. Try a carb powder that can be easily mixed with a protein powder at a ratio of 2:1.

3. Drink to Your Health
For the quickest delivery, turn to liquids, which can be absorbed in 30 minutes, speeding your workout recovery. A digestible, bio-available whey protein shake with carb powder will be absorbed quickly.

4. No Fat, No Problem in Your Workout Recovery
Fats are important nutrients in a muscle-building nutrition plan—fats regulate hormones and help keep joints fluid. But your post-workout recovery is not the time to eat fats, which can slow down absorption of other nutrients critical to muscle building.

5. Remember to Foam Roll Pre & Post Workout
A post-workout session with the foam roller benefits circulation, sending oxygen and nutrients to tired muscles. It helps remove waste products such as lactic acid, and it breaks up fibrotic tissue, increasing your range of motion.

Foam rollers are a great part of treatment for back pain, too. Ask your chiropractor for help in using a foam roller to keep large muscle groups healthy and ease tension in the upper spine. Always let your chiropractor know about your foam roller use and follow their directions.

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King Chiropractic Can Help, Too
When your post-workout recovery isn’t quite enough, turn to King Chiropractic, a performance Chiropractor. We offer fast, lasting pain relief and plenty of options for improving your athletic performance. King Chiropractic can help you heal faster from injuries, improve your coordination, stability, range of motion, and mobility, and reduce inflammation.

For help with post-workout discomfort or to improve your athletic performance, call (910) 777-7228 to schedule an appointment today with King Chiropractic in Wilmington.

Squats have a lot going for it.

  1. It’s a totally natural position. Much of what we do to generate power with our legs comes out of a squatting position. When done with proper form, whether with or without weights, it is a completely safe movement pattern.
  2. It’s the single most effective exercise one can do. It works over 230 muscles at one in a functional manner. That means the work done by squatting translates into what you’re doing in your daily life. That’s more than 1/3rd of you body trained every time you do it.
  3. It’s the only exercise that completely works the ‘lower posterior chain’, a fancy term that means all the muscles of the legs and butt. These are the muscles that you use to stand up, sit down, walk, climb steps, run, jump, etc.
  4. It’s a hip movement, not a knee movement. As long as you can sit down in a chair without pain, there’s a place for you to start from where you can get better over time.
  5. It will improve your cardiovascular health.
  6. By incorporating linear progression techniques and forcing the body to adapt to lifting heavier weight over time, you force your body to create hormonal growth factors that fight cellular degeneration and death.
  7. You don’t have to spend a lot of time in the gym to get strong.
  8. Squatting will change your body composition. You’ll look better and be healthier.
    If these attributes were available in a pill, potion, or gimmick, you’d already have your credit card out. But the news is even better than that. The most you’ll ever need in order to do squats is access to a squat rack. And squat racks can be found at almost all gyms that aren’t called “Planet Fitness”.

Squatting regularly will help you get gain muscle and will address alignment issues of the ankles, knees, and hips.

Now that we’ve introduced you to the concept of squats, in the next post we’ll talk about how to start doing them, even if you’ve gotten to the point to where getting up out of a chair is a challenge.

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