Stop Technology from Tormenting Your Back with these 6 Tips from a Wilmington Chiropractor

Stop Technology from Tormenting Your Back with these 6 Tips from a Wilmington Chiropractor

Stop Technology from Tormenting Your Back with these 6 Tips in Wilmington NC

Stop Technology from Tormenting Your Back with these 6 Tips

If you are tormented by back pain, it’s wise to take a look to see if technology is to blame.

We sit on our behinds more now than we ever have in history. The Digital Age of the 1990s and 2000s has made it possible for us to perform manual tasks in much less time and without the physical effort once demanded to operate machinery.

Our sedentary lifestyles do not give our bones, joints and ligaments the kind of physical activity necessary to keep them flexible, healthy and pain-free. However, there are things you can do to stop technology from tormenting your back.

6 Tips for Avoiding the Back Pain Caused by Technology

  1.  Keep your neck as straight as possible and try to avoid letting your head droop or strain towards the monitor. When you head remains erect, your neck and shoulder muscle aren’t being strained.
  2.  Choose our chair wisely. Spend a little extra to find an ergonomically constructed chair that offers lumbar support and the ability to tilt the back so you are in a slightly reclined position.
  3.  Instead of “lung-breathing” while sitting at your computer, try “belly-breathing”, or breathing in a way that draws your navel inward closer to your spine. This action engages core and abdominal muscles that help support your upper body.
  4.  Although it’s tempting to tuck your legs and feet under your body when sitting, don’t! This position not only strains your lower back but also stresses your joints and prevents blood from circulating normally throughout your lower body. Always keep your feet about 12 to 16 inches apart (a shoulder’s length) and flat on the floor. It may not sound comfortable now but just try it. You’ll be surprise at home much better you feel!
  5.  While we are on the subject of sitting, don’t cross your legs. Sitting with one leg over the other makes it hard for the spine to stay straight and vertebrally aligned. Sitting with your legs crossed also puts you at risk for over stretching your pelvic muscles and increases the probability that you may develop varicose veins from constant, insufficient blood flow.
  6.  Remember to get up at least once every hour (twice would be better!). Do shoulder rolls, touch your toes, stretch your arms high above your head, take a short walk somewhere and breathe deeply several times. Let your blood circulate freely for a few minutes before returning to work.

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