Tips for Buying a New Mattress for Spine Health from a Wilmington Chiropractor

Tips for Buying a New Mattress for Spine Health from a Wilmington Chiropractor

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Tips for Buying a New Mattress for Spine Health
When you wake up in the morning with back pain, it may be time to look into buying a new mattress. Before you set foot in a mattress store, though, read the following tips and considerations.

When to Buy a New Mattress
Keep in mind that if you have back and neck pain, your mattress might not be to blame. It could be your pillow, your sleep position, or another factor. Check with your chiropractor for misalignments and advice.

But if your mattress sags and you roll to the middle, or if it has dips and lumps, you probably will be in the market for a mattress soon.

Time to Try a New Topper?
If your mattress is firm and flat but not as comfortable as you like, you may be able to save money by buying a good-quality foam mattress topper. Be prepared to spend a little cash on a mattress topper; a poor quality topper won’t last.

Density should be greater than thickness. Buy the heaviest density you can afford—dense mattress toppers will last much longer. A good mattress topper should be 2-3 inches thick with a 4-lb. density or better.

Don’t Buy These Mattresses
When shopping for a mattress, avoid these:

Pillow top mattresses. Because you can’t rotate and flip pillow top mattresses, indentations form and you won’t get proper wear from your mattress. The pillow top materials can easily break down and deteriorate, too.
It’s difficult or impossible to get proper spinal alignment on a waterbed.
Air mattresses. These “sleep number” mattresses may seem comfortable at first, but they’re still an air mattress, not a high-quality bed.
Memory foam. When the entire mattress is memory foam, it’s easy to feel that you’re sleeping in a ditch. It’s difficult to keep the spine aligned, and good-quality memory foam mattresses are very expensive.

Look for These Factors in a New Mattress
OK, you’re shopping for a new mattress. What kind should you get?

Buy the heaviest mattress you can afford.
Get a very firm mattress and add a topper for the soft feel of comfort.
Your mattress should not dip, bend, or squeak.

How to Get a Great Deal on Your Mattress
Buy at a discount mattress store or a local mattress maker. Skipping the middleman really cuts costs!
Mattress construction is pretty standard, so don’t worry about the latest style. Buy on clearance if you can.
Mattress prices are always negotiable. Markup can be huge at bedding stores, so be prepared to bargain.

If you have been sleeping poorly or waking up with back and neck pain, call King Chiropractic in Wilmington today at (910) 777-7228. We can evaluate your spine and neck alignment and get you in proper shape to shop for your new mattress. Then you’ll be ready for a good night’s sleep!

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