Workout Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Gains From a Wilmington Chiropractor

Workout Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Gains From a Wilmington Chiropractor

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Workout Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Gains

Get the most from your workout by training smarter! Learn from those who went before you, and avoid these all-too-common workout mistakes.

Neglecting Form
Make sure you’re using proper form for every exercise you do. Ask a trainer or check YouTube for advice and be strict when you’re learning a new lift. Not only will good form help you prevent injury, but your progress and results will quickly show the difference.

Same Old Program
If you do the same thing, you’ll get the same results. Your body quickly adjusts to a routine and if you don’t change up your program, you will plateau. Expect to change things up every four to six weeks for best results.

Change up your workout by varying the muscle groups you work each day, alternating with full body workouts. Use weights one day and body weights the next. Work muscles you’ve neglected. All these changes will mean better results.

Low on Fuel
Recharge after your workout with food that’s fuel for your body—not junk. Make sure you get in all the right macros during the day and don’t skimp on protein and vegetables. Dieting or loading up on low-nutrient junk food will work against your program.

No Eyes on the Prize
There can be some serious eye candy at the gym, and you’re going to take a look. But it’s easy to get distracted from your program. Don’t make this workout mistake—keep the focus on yourself for a better body.

Turn off the Phone
Rest between sets, but don’t start looking at your phone—before you know it, that 1-minute rest period is 5 minutes long and you’ve spent half your workout time answering texts. Instead, mentally prepare for your next set.

Cardio Warm-up
Don’t waste your heavy lifting energy on a cardio workout that’s going to leave you spent. Warm up with light weights and stretches and save the cardio for after you’ve done the hard work.

Overdoing Cardio
Cardio will help keep body fat down and metabolism up, but too much will wear away muscle. Instead, focus on strength training and limit most cardio to high-intensity interval training for best workout results.

Listless Lifting
Get pumped and lift like you mean it! Bring intensity, a good attitude, and the will to win to your workout and you’ll reap the results.

No Help When You Need It
Injuries, pain that won’t resolve, or struggling to move forward in your program may signal that you need help. King Chiropractic helps you to heal faster from injuries, recuperate from pain, and improve your performance.

If you’ve been making some of these workout mistakes and need help getting back on track, call King Chiropractic in Wilmington today at (910) 777-7228.

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