What Do I Need to Build a Home Gym? From a Wilmington Chiropractor

What Do I Need to Build a Home Gym? From a Wilmington Chiropractor

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What Do I Need to Build a Home Gym?

Gyms are great when they have all the tools you need for a great lifting program. But sometimes you just can’t fit the gym into your life. Maybe your work hours don’t mesh, or perhaps you live too far away to make gym visits convenient.

For these and other reasons, many people like to set up a home gym. It’s not as hard as it sounds! But where to start? We’ve selected a few essential pieces you’ll need to start lifting in a home gym. Try these out and then add in whatever extra items work best for you.

Choosing a Barbell
Be sure to choose a quality bar. Cheap bars bend easily which can cause all kinds of problems. To check a bar for straightness, put it on the floor and spin it with your foot same way you do a pool cue on a pool table. It should not wobble.

Olympic lifters use a 28mm bar and powerlifters usually choose 29mm. Women may use a 25mm bar. The bar should be a little over 7 feet with 50mm sleeves for loading the plates.

How Many Plates?
Used plates, if you can find them, are fine. You only care how much they weigh, not what they look like! Just make sure the hole in the middle fits your bar sleeve. Used name-brand plates may cost $.50-$1.00 per pound, while new ones may be twice that or more. You will need 2 to 6 pairs of 45-lb. plates plus one pair of 25s, two pairs of 10s, one pair of 5s, and one pair of 2.5s. This mix will allow you to set up exercises where you need to add weight gradually.

Olympic Lifters Need Rubber Bumper Plates
For cleans and snatches, get some rubber bumper plates that will allow the bar to be dropped without a lot of damage. Start with three pairs: 10kg/22lbs, 15kg/33lbs, and 20kg/44lbs.

Get a Squat Rack for Squats and Presses
For squats, presses, and bench presses, you will need a rack to hold the bar off the ground. A portable squat rack is good for a home gym because it’s adjustable for height of the bar and width between the hooks. Make sure it’s stable and safe to hold the amount of weight you’re working toward. Go with a portable squat rack, which looks like two stands tied together at the bottom instead of an individual stand. It’s adjustable for both height of the bar and width between the hooks, and is far more stable than individual stands.

A Flat Bench is Essential
For bench presses, get a bench 12 inches wide, 48 inches long, and 17 inches high with solid lumber rather than metal for a top.

If Possible, Get a Platform
Protect your floor with a platform. You can make one from plywood, or just lay the plywood directly on the floor (flip it from time to time to keep moisture at bay).

For an investment of at most $2500 – you can build a world-class facility in your 500-square-foot space at home. You can train whenever you want to, with equipment whose quality and maintenance you alone control.

King Chiropractic Helps Weightlifters
King Chiropractic is ready to assist you in your lifting program. If you’re having pain or stiffness or reduced range of motion, we can offer relief. If you want to improve your workout, form, or technique, ask us about ways to take your performance to the next level.

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