7 Ways to Be Kind to Your Spine from a Wilmington Chiropractor?

7 Ways to Be Kind to Your Spine from a Wilmington Chiropractor?

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7 Ways to Be Kind to Your Spine

Our spine does a lot for you: It moves you about all day long, bending and reaching, slumping and jumping, and supporting all your internal organs. Take a little time to be kind to your spine. Here’s how:

1. Make Exercise a PRIORITY
To be kind to your spine, exercise is your first, best option.

Exercise distributes nutrients to your spinal discs and soft tissues
Strengthening muscles (such as abdominals) reduces load on your spine
Stretching and strengthening speed healing for spine injuries
Too sore to work out? If your spine is injured or stressed, water exercise can be a big help. Water reduces stresses by reducing gravity and it provides resistance in a supportive environment.

2. Take Your Spine for a Walk
The gentlest exercise is walking, and it’s especially kind to your spine.

Walking builds core muscles that help keep the body upright and take demand off your spine
Walking improved flexibility and strengthens bones
Walking helps distribute nutrients throughout the muscles and spinal structures
If you are suffering from back pain, start with short walks or walks in a pool.

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3. Use the Best Lifting Practices
New lifters in particular will want to make sure they’re using proper form. To reduce stress on your spine, keep your chest forward, lead with the hips, and use your knees. Improper lifting can cause painful back injuries.

Experienced lifters who have occasional injuries will want to check their practices to be sure they’re using the best lifting practices.

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4. Be Kind to Your Mind, Too
Take the time to engage your mind as well as your body. Stress can cause physical discomfort, and reducing stress will be a kindness to your back.

If you have pain from a back injury, meditation can offer relief. Daily meditation is especially helpful for people suffering from chronic pain and can reduce the need for other therapies and medication.

5. Protect Your Posture to Be Kind to Your Spine
People are made to stand upright, but we aren’t made to sit all day. Office workers are especially vulnerable to spinal injuries from poor sitting posture.

Get a seat and desk that allow ergonomic support of your spine, and take a moment every ten minutes or so to make sure you’re correctly using the support.
Consider working at a standup desk or sit on an exercise ball.
Get up and walk around every half hour to move joints and muscles and reduce tension in the spine.
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6. Let Your Spine Sleep Well
Depending on your sleep position, get a pillow that supports the curve of your neck and spine. A side sleeper will need a thicker pillow to keep the head aligned with the spine. Eight hours is a long time for your spine to be misaligned, so be kind to your spine and get a pillow that supports your head correctly.

7. Chiropractic Care Is Kind to Your Spine
At King Chiropractic, we strive to help improve your athletic performance through chiropractic treatments and therapies. And when injuries happen, we provide pain relief solutions that really heal. To be kind to your spine, call King Chiropractic in Wilmington today at (910) 777-7228 and get help with your own spine’s particular needs.

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