How Does Strength Training Improve Back Pain from a Wilmington Chiropractor?

How Does Strength Training Improve Back Pain from a Wilmington Chiropractor?

How Does Strength Training Improve Back Pain in Wilmington NC?

How Does Strength Training Improve Back Pain?

When back hurts, you’ll try anything to make it stop! To get back in action when we have back pain, people try resting, stretching, sit-ups, lots of core work, and even surgery. But one of the fastest remedies for an aching back is also one of the simplest: strength training, especially squats and deadlifts.

The Big Problem: People Stand Upright
The human spine is a lot like other animals’ spines, with bony segments providing flexibility and protection for our nervous system. But we’re the only animal to stand upright, and that lets the force of gravity compress our spines. The older we get, the longer that compression has to work on us—and the more likely we are to encounter back pain.

Spines Get Older, Too
No matter what, human spines are subject to compression, and this causes spinal degeneration. This is a factor of age, and by the time we’re 30, we can see spinal degeneration in virtually everyone.

But despite this, not everyone has back pain.

Looking at spines on an X-ray or MRI, we may see damage that causes no pain. Or people may describe pain in places that have little evidence of damage. This may be due to individual experiences of pain or individual habits and management. Some people with considerable degenerative disc disease have little to no pain.

Stronger Backs Mean Less Back Pain
One of the best managements for human spines with degeneration—that is, all of us—is stronger backs. Stronger backs mean that when back pain occurs, it’s less intense, less frequent, and passes more quickly.

Many people come to strength training out of desperation, and they stay for the results. Stronger muscles better support the spine, letting the large muscles of the lower back and abdomen do most of the work. Stronger muscles add stability. Correctly performed squats and deadlifts work these muscles most effectively. Small muscles in the core contribute, but the large muscle workout that comes from adding weight to your deadlift adds strength to every muscle that supports your spine.

You’re thinking, really? Squat with a barbell when my back hurts? Start with light weights that won’t hurt your back and make those muscles stronger, and you will reap the rewards.

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