New Tool: Patients Are Loving the TheraGun from a Wilmington Chiropractor?

New Tool: Patients Are Loving the TheraGun from a Wilmington Chiropractor?

New Tool: Patients Are Loving the TheraGun in Wilmington NC

New Tool: Patients Are Loving the TheraGun

Brand new on the market is the TheraGun G2PRO, a sixth-generation vibration therapy device used to treat muscles. TheraGun is device used to solve problems with sore muscles and joints and to improve range of motion. Our patients love the TheraGun!

TheraGun is a Device with a Difference
Engineered to treat sore lactic-acid-filled muscles and other muscle-related conditions, the lightweight TheraGun is used by chiropractors as an extension of the hands. TheraGun offers:

  • Less pain: Too many devices and therapies can be painful—the opposite of our goal! TheraGun’s unique percussive force combines frequency and amplitude to allow deeper, longer muscle treatment without pain. That means your chiropractor can have time to get to the root cause of your pain.
  • Increased blood flow: TheraGun helps flush lactic acid from muscles and increases blood flow through muscles and joints. The improved blood flow minimizes lactic acid, reduces soreness, and speeds healing. TheraGun can even help heal old injuries that have scar tissue and improve your range of motion.
  • Neuromuscular reeducation: Nerves and muscles work together to create movement, but daily wear and tear and more serious injuries can impair this system. TheraGun treats these micro- and macro-traumas to recharge muscles and nerves.
  • Easy to use: Because it’s lightweight and mobile, the cordless TheraGun can be used anywhere and easily transported. Different bits customize muscle treatment and the light weight makes it responsive and an extension of your chiropractor’s most important tools—the hands.

Patients Love TheraGun for Many Uses
Because it’s so versatile, patients have learned to love the TheraGun. Patients appreciate TheraGun for use in:

  • Rotator cuff muscle therapy
  • To loosen hamstring muscles
  • As the first step in an adjustment
  • To increase blood flow in scar tissue
  • To warm sore tendons and ligaments
  • To stimulate sore nerves
  • To treat muscle cramps

Most patients feel an immediate decrease in pain that lasts from minutes to hours, allowing further chiropractic treatment and muscle healing.

Ask Us if TheraGun Is Right for You
King Chiropractic is enthusiastic about TheraGun because it can bring immediate pain relief and start patients on the path to long-lasting health. If you think TheraGun might help your own therapy, call King Chiropractic in Wilmington today at (910) 777-7228 to schedule an appointment. With this great new treatment, you may soon be on the path to pain relief, improved performance, and increased range of motion.

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